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Shanti Griha means a house at peace in the Nepali language. We work to address some of the challenges that our people face. We contribute to make life better through interventions that seem small and insignificant but have resounding impact among those we help. Basic life needs are not many: water that is accessible and relatively clean; food that is nutritional and varied; education for the young and old; improved capacity to make changes to one’s situation; economic opportunities, these are areas that we work in. Hopefully, our work will contribute to ease the pressures brought onto our people by political strife and the global economic crisis. We believe that by ensuring that people have sustainable livelihood and do not have to struggle for basic needs and social identity, we can build peace.


Mission Empower and integrate the marginalized communities in the mainstream development process for their overall socio-economic development.


Improve the living standard and create sustainability through the enhancement of social and productive infrastructure and human capacity in income generation, education, health abilities, leadership, and peace building.


  • Empower the marginalized community to secure a sustainable livelihood by promoting sustainable agriculture, food security and economic/income generating initiatives (activities include IG activities, skill development / enterprise development training, vocational training, eco-friendly agriculture, market development)
    Increase access to basic services such as health, hygiene, education and drinking water
  • Develop community infrastructure that secures livelihood, promotes access to basic services, promotes socio-economic development, enhances community resilience and adoptive capacities and/or promotes social harmony and cohesion (Activities will include infrastructure of school, community buildings, irrigation services, drinking water system, sanitation infrastructure and infrastructure for climate change such as solar/renewal energy system, rain water harvesting, Groundwater Recharging etc )
  • Strengthen communities’ resilience and adoptive capacity through access to knowledge, skill and technology to address/mitigate adverse effect of natural disaster, climate change and other risk (preserving and promoting local knowledge and practices that are core to perseverance and resilience of the indigenous tribal group like chepangs) – activities will include natural resource management related activities, disaster risk management and climate change related activities line renewal energy
  • Promote social cohesion, harmony and peace by strengthening social capital, change agents (local leaders, youth actors/activist) and promoting art, culture and open dialogue.
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  • Project Date : 2023
  • Project Type : Non Profit Organization
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