OAS Darta Chalani Pranali (Web Based)

Office Automation System (OAS) is designed with the concept of creating paperless office. The system automates entire organization’s working procedure. Initially the system was developed for Ministry of General Administration, Government of Nepal in fiscal year 2064/65 and Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Minister (OPMCM) upgraded the system. The system is developed and upgraded by Sudam Technologies. After implementation the system in different ministry and department of Government of Nepal, Sudam Technologies upgraded the system to address the requirement of Autonomous, Semi-Autonomous, NGOs and Private organizations.

In the system, application processing workflows have a number of steps which involve many departments, divisions, sections like. In the system the departments, divisions, sections will be dynamic and administrator of the system can define them as per the requirement. There are different users from these departments who are involved in the end-to-end business process till the point of time when the task is finalized. The workflow differs slightly depending on whether the process is initiated at the letter registration section or at the department/division.

The system covers entire organization’s (Government/Non-Government)working procedure, involving all the concerned users from all the related departments. There is role-based access for different kinds of users who will have different work authorities. The robust logical access control and password management will ensure strong security for the proposed system.

The users, immediately after their login, will be able to see the tasks assigned to them as well as those executed by them and can take necessary actions on them. Once a task is executed by a particular user, it will move to the list of tasks of the next processing/approval authority that, based on his/her discretion, can approve, reject, send it back or send for higher approval. There is automatic notifications and reminders displays to the assignees’ screen reminding them of their pending actions on a particular file.

The system will be integrated with user’s email, by which, user can initiate task with reference to the email. To enable single login environment and user role management, the system will be integrated with active directory and for the authentication of document, digital signature will be added.

The flow will be configured as per the exact business requirements of implementing agency and will take care of all necessary steps. At any instant, any user can check the details and status of the task executed/approved by him/her. The audit trail would show the steps executed on an application till any particular point of time which can be used for any future reference.

The system would also provide a smooth document management facility, which will allow the concerned users to upload the requisite documents for future reference at the time of approval by the higher authorities.

Product Features


• Customized workflows
• Customized routing
• Notifications for approvals, reminders and escalations
• Role based access control
• Master Data management
• Integration with Active Directory
• Audit Trails
• Highly scalable architecture
• Inter Organization Commination


1. E-Darta/Chalani system
a. Register Letter
b. Dispatch Letter
c. Search Register Letter
d. Search Dispatch Letter
e. Customize search
f. Letter forward

2. Document Management System

a. Letter Management System
i. Create Letter
ii. Send Letter
iii. Draft Letter
iv. Letter termination
v. Search
vi. Report

b. Tippani management System
i. Create tippani
ii. Tippani draft management
iii. Forward tippani
iv. Tippani suggestion
v. Finalize tippani
vi. Search history
vii. Report

c. Internal Communication
i. Create letter
ii. Send letter
iii. Report

d. Share folder
i. Create share file
ii. View Share file
iii. Discussion
iv. Report

e. Task Monitoring system
i. Monitor task of lower staff
ii. Generate report
iii. Feedback

f. Fixed format letter
i. Create fixed format letter
ii. Edit fixed format letter
iii. Delete fixed format letter

g. Customized routing system to manage letters within the department/section

3. Integrated Security Management System for above system.
a. Active Directory Integration
b. Create user
c. Change password
d. Suspend/Disable user
e. Grant permission for different system
f. Revoke permission
g. Post and position creation
h. Assign user for particular post/position
i. User activity monitoring system


With the proposed Office Automation System, Sudam Technologies can provide following additional modules integrated with workflow as per client’s requirement:

• Attendance System
• Budgeting and Accounting System
• Payroll System
• Inventory Management System
• Procurement Management System

Product Facts
  • SD-WS-005
  • Web-based Software
  • Upon Request
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Product Basic Needs

- A good performance computer / laptop system.
- Minimum 4 GB RAM installed.
- Minimum 50 GB Hard Drive partition space available.
- Anti-virus software installed.


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OAS Darta Chalani Pranali (Web Based)