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Nepal Youth Programme is a youth orientated social organization, established in 2015 with the vision of youth development through sports and education. We are registered in CDO in Kathmandu and affiliated with Social Welfare Council. The organization is founded by Mr. Rajiv Nepali (Former National Football Player) and Mr. Holger Obermann (Former National Football Trainer and Technical Advisor, ANFA).

Prioritizing the society, we are acting as a hub where social members get enrolled and the children / youth are given opportunity to be involved in sports and educational activities. It’s been great to gain experience where sports bring positive vibes and encourages working together for a better social impact.

We focus on the programs that intend to enhance the capacity of individuals or groups to make better choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes. This, in turn, enables them to better influence the course of their lives and the decisions which affect them. Especially with youths to empower and help them work towards self-reliance and build adoptive capacity; introducing the important life skills such as teamwork, discipline, communication, leadership & produce not only better players but better citizens and enrich lives through Sports and Education.

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