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The name “Techno Jaya Jewellery” is a play on the words “today’s modernity” and “the authenticity of silver.” A unique fusion of modern design and handmade tradition, Techno Jaya Jewellery was founded in 2011 and each item is expressed in the details that is done by hand.

An awe-inspiring collection of silver and silver-plated jewelry. Anyone who thinks silver can only be used in jewelry and dinnerware is wrong. The designs and products go above and beyond what people usually think of when they think of silver. Silver is experimental since it is youthful and inexperienced! There is also a new way of thinking and working with it! Using the latest technology and your imagination, we have created a unique blend of uniqueness. In the previous 11 years, we’ve put together impressive outfits that reflect your taste for clean contemporary with a tinge of heritage. It is time to rethink forms, places, functionality, and design altogether!

As we look at everything from bookmarks and dinnerware to office accessories and rakhis, we discover the enchantment of silver in all of its dazzling splendor one wonderful piece at a time.

These things are perfect for weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, among other important events. Furthermore, they are a popular corporate gift in the Nepalese business sector, which sends them to a big number of workers, board members, friends, and customers on holidays like Dashain, Tihar, New Year, Rakshya Bhandan, and so on. Uncommon ideas and concepts, as well as one-of-a-kind pieces, are all part of Techno Jaya Jewellery sparkling array of unusual creations. A wide range of silver and silver-plated gifts are available from Techno Jaya Jewellery. These include anything from dinnerware and candlesticks to tea light holders, picture frames, office supplies, lamps, and religious items like vases and jewelry.

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  • Project Date : 2023
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