Three Star Hydropower Ltd.

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Three Star Hydropower is a public company with its site located at Province 1, Haleshi Tuwachung Municipality, Khotang. This hydropower project was established back in 2072 BS. With the total capacity of 7.151 MW, this hydro project had received Survey License on 2073.07.09 BS and Generation License on 2074.09.03 BS. Kumar Kharel, Mohan Karki and Madhav Mainali; the three founders named the company after them and then – naming Three Star Hydro. These three were joined later by Uddhav Raj Shivakotee ‘Kangal’, Pradeep K Agrawal, Ananda P Manandhar, Jen Lama and Ratna Bdr Newar later.

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  • Project Date : 2022
  • Project Type : Hydropower Company
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