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Sridush International Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide world class automotive parts to its customers to meet the needs and satisfy expectations of its customers and relevant interested parties. This will be achieved using qualified, experienced and competent human resources. In all activities of Sridush International Pvt. Ltd., shall integrate applicable processes of Quality Management system (QMS) as laid down in the International Standard (ISO 9001:2015). Quality Management System shall be effectively established, implemented, and continually improved with the provision of periodic review of issues/risks, opportunities, needs, expectation and quality objectives. In doing so, Sridush International Pvt. Ltd, shall comply with all the applicable statutory, regulatory and other requirements.

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  • Project Date : 2021
  • Project Type : Online Product Showcase
  • Project Framework : WordPress
  • Technologies Used : HTML, CSS, JS, PHP
  • Client Name : Rupak Nepal
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