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South Asian Institute for Policy Analysis and Leadership (SAIPAL), a non-government establishment, has presence of over a decade in Nepal. It started as an IT institution/software company in 2004 and underwent through various evolutionary phases responding to the need and demand of the market and time. SAIPAL was initially inspired by the vision to be an instigator and a part of unfolding digital revolution in Nepal.

In the context of globalization, promoters of SAIPAL realized that even as technology served as a key factor, development of Nepal and other developing countries in South Asia called for sound policies based on empirical research. Therefore, SAIPAL added its research wing in 2009. Today, SAIPAL stands as a robust and productive institution driven by research and cutting-edge technology. Its IT department staffed by IT experts has been developing web-based and other software tools to cater to the growing demand of government and non-government bodies. Its research wing has been conducting national level surveys on public health and federalism, among others. It has a large pool of enumerators across the country.

SAIPAL has researchers representing diverse sectors like economy, health, women and gender, education, youth and politics. Training on research works, workshops and seminars are regular part of SAIPAL.

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